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All the flavor of the Universe with less than 5 grams of added sugar per serving (4oz)

We blend the authentic art of gelato making with a growing passion for the finest quality foods made with local, natural, and organic ingredients.


Our Roots

Our roots are in Italy, where the 14th Century Renaissance produced an everlasting vision of food, art, architecture, design and beauty in every aspect of life. It was during this period that the contemporary concept of gelato was born.  When Caterina de' Medici married Henry II of France, her personal pastry chefs from Florence brought the secret of Gelato with them, delighting and captivating the French court with the sophisticated frozen dessert.
Our roots are in California, where innovative thinking translate ideas into projects and permeate creativity with love. A place where food is living a modern Renaissance in taste, ingredients and healthy choices to nurture pure happiness.


Our GElato

Gelato is a natural food made with essential nutritional elements. The ingredients that give GelatoLove its exceptional flavor and creamy texture and nutritional profile, contribute to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

We are proud to offer a low-sugar gelato, made with a natural ingredient found in fruits like kiwis and figs. The name of this revolutionary low-calorie sugar is Allulose and it’s a completely natural product. Allulose is scientifically proven to improve sugar metabolism in your body.



imagine a sensory journey
where sweet is healthy
and classic is recreated.
GIVE YOURSELF some gelatolove.