Gelato is a natural food made with essential nutritional elements. The ingredients that give GelatoLove its exceptional flavor and creamy texture and nutritional profile, contribute to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

We are proud to offer a low sugar gelato, made with a natural ingredient found in fruits like kiwis and figs. The name of this revolutionary low-calorie sugar is Allulose and it’s a completely natural product. Allulose is scientifically proven to improve sugar metabolism in your body.

The best quality non-treated California milk and cream, a natural low glycemic index sugar derived from fruit, a supreme cacao and cocoa butter, exquisite nuts, and fragrant coffee beans are part of the secret, combined with simple love.

Remarkably, our artisan gelato contains half the fat and a third of the calories compared to regular ice cream. Gelato can also be made with high quality non-dairy ingredients so that everyone can enjoy it!

GelatoLove is made daily with fresh ingredients by dessert artists who have dedicated their lives to producing only the purest, most captivating flavors. Gelato creation is an art that requires a delicate balance of talent and science.

Artisan gelato’s richer taste and more luxurious texture belies the fact that it’s a healthier option compared to regular ice cream. Here are some fun facts to think about when choosing between gelato and ice cream.

GelatoLove contains on average 80% less sugar than regular ice cream.

American ice cream contains up to 60% more air than gelato does.

Ice cream is served at between 0 and 10 degrees Fahrenheit; whereas gelato is served at between 7 and 15 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that gelato doesn’t numb the mouth as much as ice cream, allowing the taste buds a fuller flavor experience.

Because gelato is richer, creamier, and has less air than ice cream, you don’t have to eat as much to feel satisfied.

Gelato is served with a paddle which is better designed to work with the creamier texture of gelato than the traditional ice cream scoop.


The word “gelato” comes from the Latin word “gelatus” meaning “frozen.” Ancient Asians and Egyptians made the earliest forms of gelato by combining snow with honey and fruit. This cold treat eventually made its way to Sicily, where it was transformed into a luxuriously creamy dish.
Gelato’s modern incarnation flourished during the Italian Renaissance period, spreading throughout Europe and gaining popularity wherever it was found.

Today, ice cream can be found all over the world, but gelato remains in a class of its own. Gelato chefs remain committed to a tradition of using only the highest quality ingredients, and gelato making remains a true art form.